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"Living blood. Woman. I am a woman. We are women"

Petro Ryaska, performance in the frameworks of the 8th International Festival of Art of the Ephemera CONTEXT in Sokolovsko, Poland, July 28, 2018.

Part of the act is a red T-shirt with a drawing pattern and a text about "Living blood".

A woman transfers blood from the body to the body, artery in the artery through the navel. From the first woman, mother to daughter , daughter to her daughter and so on, a living stream of blood transmitted exclusively by women.

* History first:

I was walking from the train near the church of St. Olha in Lviv.

A woman is pleasant, eternal, noble, beautiful, young, without a hat, in different plumes. Ask me on the move, on the sidewalk:

- Where are you from?

- From Transcarpathia

- And there are tunnels?

- are

- I was probably in Uzhgorod, and there was definitely a tunnel there. Goodbye!

** Second history:

One day in Uzhgorod, the artist, Lika Volkova from New York, said: “Petro is a woman.”

And after a while, being in Odessa during a seminar of wushu, drawing a little girl in a pleiner masterclass drew me as a girl. I ask her why you painted me a girl? She is responsible “because I can draw only girls”.

…I am a woman. We are women.

*** Third story:

According to the book by Olga Tokarchuk "House of day.House of the night". St.Kumerinis for the image - the face of Jesus whom she received on her face was crucified by her father.

**** History of the fourth:

In 1941, the priest Zinoviy Kovalik was crucified on the wall of the prison corridor on the str. Zamarstinivska in Lviv, in the belly of the priest, the unbelievers entered the body of a premature baby.






"Clay in the clay"

Petro Ryaska, performance during residence program "Cow plow" in the village Bukivtsovo, Transkarpatien, May 19, 2017.

Raw clay bricks, water, house from clay.



"Land Hunger"

Petro Ryaska, performance in the festival PortoFranco - Gogol Fest "On the brink of myth", Ivano-Frankivsk, public place "Frankivsk phenomenon", June 11, 2016.

Myth - an error
"Iwan Franco, intending to investigate the land famine, the socioeconomic and legal status of the Transcarpathian peasants, wrote in 1883 in a letter to Drahomanov that he was interested in visiting Bilky (Transcarpathian region) ”… about which is written to me that they still had some kind of old form of land community lagging behind, and perhaps, it was not based on the common management of the fields… "
I read further from the book:
"But perhaps the most important disaster of the Bilky`s peasants was landlessness. The small shreds of their holdings were literally squeezed from all sides by the lands of the rural rich. The Biilky`s ghost bitterly joked: "You want Peter, rest in the afternoon on your field - lie down in the middle and do not forget your legs to pick up: you will stretch out - you will take the land of lord”.

The information I received (Petro Ryaska) from Professor Romanov Oficinsky about the mistake of this myth that Ivan Frankko intended to come to the village Bilky of the Transcarpathian region:
Yuri Kachiy, historian, ethnographer, made the mistake of this information in 1960-1970. In the letter I. I. Franko to Drahomanov in 1883 meant another village Bilky, it is not that which is located in the Transcarpathia, but what - before the Carpathian…


"There’s no way to beat it into his thick head"

Petro Ryaska, performance, (literal translation from Ukrainian: He’s so good, that you can hew a pale on his head)
The School of Kyiv - Kyiv Biennial 2015. October 27, 2015, Clothing House, Kyiv.
Curators: Hedwig Saxenhuber and Georg Schöllhammer 



Petro Ryaska, performance implemented during the scholarship Gouda Polonia in Poland. Curators: Janusz Bałdyga, Marta Bosowska, UP gallery, Berlin, 20.03.2015

Performance conveys the situation in Ukraine … And there is a particular time dialogue that refers to a performance of Polish classical performances Jerzy Beresh. Which in his performances split log, written the word in the middle of it, and was again made together and wrapped the stump by rope. No one saw what was written there. Movement in the present performances is back.



Petro Ryaska, perfomance, residence "Hyrka 4А", on September, 18-28, 2014. 

Performance begins with the phrase: "When a boy is born in Transcarpathia then rejoice that will be Kosyc  (the one who mows) …" In the performance embedded valued image based on the cultural traditions of the people of Transcarpathia. In the present performance opposite images on value: the image of love and war.




"The old horse furrow not ports. Schit"

Petro Ryaska, performance is dedicated Transcarpathian school of painting, Performances Week - the theme "Activation" Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, 2015.

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