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"Is there anyone in the house? In the house in which lived the artist Oslamosovsky. Talk to the house"

Video 16,29". Sokolovsko, Poland, July 30, 2018




Plein air on the periphery. Kovner Palace

Video, Petro Ryaska, St. Peter's Gallery, at the invitation of Stas Turina, Mukachevo, January 27, 2020.








The project is my reflection on the idea of R.Browdi (Browdy Art), in 2016, to create a "Gallery of one Artist" (Glass gallery) in Uzhhorod, near a pedestrian bridge, on the site of flower shops (and possibly a public toilet). I learned that nothing can be changed, everything has already been resolved, the dream gallery is planned and it will be. (?)

May 12, 2017, Uzhgorod, Video 4.30"







"Hero over Uzh"

Video 9,13"

A man boycotts against injustice. Uzhgorod, r.Uzh (pedestrian bridge), June 28, 2013

  "Untitled", train, video, Petro Ryaska March 1, 2018, Carpathians      


film by Petro Ryaska
3:53 min, HD video, October 28, 2020

The film is based on the image of a young artist Julia Mironova from Uzhgorod, who lost her sight at a young age in 2015 due to an infectious disease while in Thailand. Julia agreed to give an interview for the DreamDok project about how she sees dreams and to tell about her special dreams.
The artist shared that the most distinctive feature of how she sees objects in the spring is that she sees them on a black background.
Julia's special and sensual voice told about what she saw in her dreams.
Mangroves, trees that can live in salt water, ficus, as in a botanical garden, Sokolenta plants. Objects, people, trees and flowers on a black background. Individual objects on a black background as on a canvas appear from black when dialogue with it. You will see when you try to see not as you look, but with your inner vision. She made a pearl necklace from Julia's tears. The web of three dimensional, energy clots-people, different areas of life of Julia. The distant future. Felled Christmas tree. Sabbath, evil women did evil things. There was the flu could move on spherical legs.

The film project uses video sketches: Petro Ryaska, Victoria Dorr, Leonid Trotsenko, Raivis Kapilinskis.
The film was attended by: Julia Mironova, Nina Manita, Natalia.
The film was created for Alexandra Lerman's DreamDoc project.
At the request of the Residence Sorry No Rooms Available / CCI Cultural Capital Introspection Program.
With the support of the US Embassy in Kyiv.









Petro Ryaska, April 17, 2019, Uzhhorod


I know you're jerking off, I'm not jerking off
For all who ride the train,

Performance (performance documentation mounted in the film)
Petro Ryaska & Volodymyr Topiy and other heroes
June 5, 2018, Drohobych-Lviv electric train…
Video: Petro Ryaska, Volodymyr Topiy.
Video editing by Petro Ryaska



In the framework of the residence program "Cow plow", at the BAK residence. Video 1.45 ". 10.10.2018, village Vilshynky, Zakarpattia, Ukraine.

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