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"Is there anyone in the house? In the house in which lived the artist Oslamosovsky. Talk to the house"

Video 16,29". Sokolovsko, Poland, July 30, 2018



The project is my reflection on the idea of R.Browdi (Browdy Art), in 2016, to create a "Gallery of one Artist" (Glass gallery) in Uzhhorod, near a pedestrian bridge, on the site of flower shops (and possibly a public toilet). I learned that nothing can be changed, everything has already been resolved, the dream gallery is planned and it will be. (?)

May 12, 2017, Uzhgorod, Video 4.30"


"Hero over Uzh"

A man boycotts against injustice. Video 9,13".Uzhgorod, r.Uzh (pedestrian bridge), June 28, 2013



In the framework of the residence program "Cow plow", at the BAK residence. Video 1.45 ". 10.10.2018, village Vilshynky, Zakarpattia, Ukraine.

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