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About myself. I work in painting, performance, drawing, installation, object, combined technique, intermedia and documentation, I try video, photography, texts ... I am engaged in curatorial practices. I distinguish an element of importance of interest in my own work. The idea, the search for an idea, the conceptual nature of the project and its solution through the visual media and certain traditions of visual art.
The topics that I reveal, including ethnographic research, which is a powerful dominant in solving. The topic of time, the study of time, in which we have come to the point that we are investing in our time. Search for a person's identification. Political component. Critical Art. The topic of sport and sports in art, and art in the hands of the empires of the past and present. The joke theme. Finding myself and revealing myself.
Combining these many of my practices, there is a result of advancement on my way to art. With the start of my performance practice, I acquire a different form of my painting, it moves towards the painting action. While the last appear of canvases of the concupational nature, which are also the result of the performance, part of the idea and the project.


Petro Ryaska b. 14. 08. 1975 in Bilky, Transcarpathian region.
2004-2009 - studying at Transkarpatien Art Institut at the Department of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts in the Painting Group, workshop of the folk Artist of Ukraine Vyacheslav Prykhodko, Uzhhorod.
Lives, works in Uzhgorod and Bilky.
2010 - a member of the NUAU.
In 2015 scholarship program Gaude Polonija, Poland, curator Janusz Baldyga.
Since 2006 participated in various exhibitions, plein airs, festivals...


Important personal exhibition and projects:
"There, where the mushrooms grow" painting, performative presentation themes, AVS Art gallery, Kyiv, October-November, 2016.
"Friends dedicated" project pastel, painting, installation, video performances portrait, gallery Uzhhorod, Uzhgorod, August 12, 2015.
"Me, Bozhek and president", gallery Łęctwo, Poznan, July 16, 2015
"Venice Biennale 2015 I (am) not take part in", performance, T- shirt- object-text, May 31 - June 8, Venice, Italy.
"The Road" performance, object gallery 'Tymutopiyapres', Lviv, 2014, September 2.
"Verhovyna space" (Vibration of Verhovina) object, soot black, myural, gallery Korydor, Uzhgorod, July, 2013.
"Idea that will be felt", object, cadmium red + carmine red, mural, gallery Detenpyla, Lviv, March - April, 2012.


Participation in group projects and festivals:
"Living blood. Woman. I am a woman. We are Women", petrformance in the frameworks of the" 8th International Festival of the Ephemeral Art CONTEXTY" in Sokolovsko, Poland, July 28, 2018.
"Almaty", action: Petro Ryaska, Grzegorz Bozek in the frameworks of the Kick Off Perfo Performing Festival, curators: Patryk Różycki, Marian Stępak. July, 2018 Toruń.
"Train" action in Program Off 8 Festival Bruno Schultz, May 5, 2018, Drogobych. Spontaneous participants of the action: Volodymir Topiy, Igor Staniv, Olexander Maxymiv.
"ART BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE" and "ARTISTS OF ALL COUNTRIES UNITE" - “SLING”, "XXVII CONGRESS OF THE KPSS - 26 HARMFUL DEKAD", action at the REMO plant, in the framework of the Zabih Project, Lviv, May 6, 2018
Participation in the Action on the Madyarsky Green Bazaar Cage, in Mukachevo, in the project "Exhibition under the gallery door" on the closure of the Mukachevo City Art Gallery. Installation. Curator Stanislav Turina. Nov 25, 2017
Participation in the Bienniale "Ostrale", painting: triptych "Blossoming leaves", "Prayer" and "Zolochiv". Dresden, Germany, July-October 2017.
"Discobolus", performance, action, at the Art Festival PortoFranco, stadium Rukh, Ivano-Frankivsk, 17.00, June 16, 2017.
"Action", group performance, roof of the Lviv Palace of Arts in the performance school program, September, 2016
"Land hunger", performance, festival PortoFranko, Gogol Fest, public place (a phenomenon Frankivsk), m. Ivano-Frankivsk, June 11, 2016.
"Painting. Road in childhood", performance, Bruno Schulz Festival at the invitation of Eva Zazhytska, public places (old pool), Drohobych, June 7, 2016.
"Carelessness", performance in the project "Peripheral Practices", curator Grzegorz Bozek. Night of museums. Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art. Ustka, Poland, May 14, 2016
"Nyuchar", performance, in the project "Ukrainian slice", Wroclaw, Poland, 14 April 2016
"There’s no way to beat it into his thick head" (literal translation from Ukrainian: He’s so good, that you can hew a pale on his head)", performance, The School of Kyiv - Kyiv Biennial 2015. Curators: Hedwig Saxenhuber and Georg Schöllhammer
"The old horse furrow not ports. Schit", performance is dedicated Transcarpathian school of painting, Performances Week - the theme “Activation” Dzyga gallery, Lviv, 2015.
Video documentation of performances "Memory" and "Picking nose" participation in the project "Dialohiya", ART KYIV Contemporary, curated by Alexander Soloviev, Alica Lozhkina, Salomija Savchuk, Ilya Zabolotny, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, September, 2015 .
"Ukraine has gas, or I have the 13th pass", video-performance created for the project Joke at the plenary symposium "Communication" in the village Yakivske, Zakarpattia region, 14.09.2015.
"Handy Helper" performance, Handy Helper, Internet, voice of third persons (Google Translate), group prokt "STOP", July 7, Gallery PERFEX, Poznan (Poland), 2015.
"Friends dedicated" installation, project pastel, painting, in group project Residence, MONA INNER SPASE, Poznan, Poland, July 17, 2015.
performance "What I dreamed in Berlin? Or bying on the moon", festival 48 hours Neukoelln "Not Auf Nahme", UP gallery, Berlin, 27 May, 2015.
perfomance "Wall", in XVII International ART Festival Interakcije, in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland, 22.05.2015.
"Presidential candidate in Poland", performances, object - promotional leaflets, in the project Czek Point, curator Marta Bosowska, sq. Freedom, Poznan, Poland, May 10, 16.00 - 17.30, 2015.
"Alarm", performance, object, plein air in Skokie (Poland), organizer UAP, April 10, 2015
"Balta" (Ax), performance, in group projekt “Unrest” curators: Janusz Bałdyga and Marta Bosowska, UP gallery, Berlin, 20.03.2015.
"Kosyts", perfomance, residence "Hyrka 4А", on September, 18-28, 2014.
"Artist mast be happy", performance in the project KrossArt curator Yaryna Shumska, gallery Pryimus, Lviv, July, 2014.
"A barber", project, poliptych, collage, mixed media, in the project "Art Injection: Feast in time of cholera", association of unknown artists of Horns&Hoofs, gallery "Water-colour", Donetsk, June - July, 2014.
"Measure", performance in the long-term project "Cyclic Performance 360" gallery Detenpyla, Lviv, 2014.
"Picking in nose", performance, object newspaper political, public place, school performances, September, 2013
"Memory" permormance, in the project "Temporary exhibition", gallery Korydor, May, 2013. 
"Congratulations life", performance, park them. Gorky Festival "March cats", March 2013.
"Etokunstkamera of love", installation, gallery Ilko, Uzhorod, ErotArtFest "March cats", 2013
"Table or not war" Petro Ryaska, video- performance, action, installation, in project 89 days in winter, 45 day, curator Anton Varga, Lviv, st. Dzherelna 27, 2013.

  Participation in competitions:
In 2015 scholar of program "Gaude Polonija", Poland, curator Janush Baldyga.
In 2013 - the winner "WorkingTitle365" (Netherlands) works: "Brown bread. Dumplings with gray flour. Black tea" (triptych) and "blossomed leaves" (triptych)
In 2012 - winner of the second prize in the category "city Stryj" the first national plein air "Stryjska palette" them. Iwan Handon for work  "Tree monument (Stepan Bandera) on the street. E. Konovalets"
In 2011 - 2010 he was awarded diplomas at the international art exhibitions in Lviv. "Lviv Autumn Salon", for the triptych "Ripe cherries", and for triptych (poliptyh) with the project "Woman"
In 2007 works: "My house" and "Ethnicity" was awarded a diploma in the International Biennale "Medial 2 ART Biennial" (Art Addiction Medial Museum. London).
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