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"Painting. Road in childhood",

Petro Ryaska, performance at the festival "Bruno Schulz" at the invitation of Eva Zazhytska, June 7, Drohobych, 2016


"The old horse furrow not ports. Schit"

Petro Ryaska, Performance is dedicated Transcarpathian school of painting, Performances Week - the theme "Activation" Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, 2015.



Petro Ryaska, permormance, in the project "Temporary exhibition", curator P.Ryaska, gallery Korydor, May, 2013. 


"Action against pests"

Petro Ryaska, performance performed in the Paradzhanov festival program, Lviv, August, 2016.

The story that inspired me to resolve this performance dates back to 1995, when I was somehow with my aunt Lisa, on digging beets in Volhynia. There was an incident there, I disturbed my aunt somehow, and to avoid a punishment on her part I climbed on cherries, from which I did not go down until the situation calmed down.

Action, performance, continues the tradition of painting in art, and the tradition of whitewashing trees, which was in Soviet times.

For the performance at the Paradzhanov Festival in Lviv in 2016, the organizers were offered a place in Levandivsky Park. It was the month of August, and the chestnut leaves almost flooded, yellow and disappeared throughout Ukraine. Some harmful insects ate trees. Levandovsky Park was not an exception.



"Clay in the clay"

Petro Ryaska, performance during residence program "Cow plow" in the village Bukivtsovo, Transkarpatien, May 19, 2017.

Raw clay bricks, water, house from clay.



Petro Ryaska, performance, action "Train", Program Off 8 Festival Bruno Schultz, May 5, 2018, Drogobych. Spontaneous participants of the action: Volodymyr Topiy, Igor Staniv, Olexander Maximiv. Photos by Maria Goin.


I planned a trip to the workshop with wushu Master Mu Yuichun in Odessa. I bought a ticket on the reverse side from Odessa to Uzhgorod. Since there were no tickets to Odessa (from Uzhgorod). Found on the Internet the opportunity to ticket, filling the order, if tickets appear, then "Ticket ua" buys a quotation for me. Gave the card data. But I forgot that this is my new card and its limited internet shopping limit. Having come from the ticker that the tickets have appeared, but payment did not occur due to the limited limit of my card. Increase the limit. I am making a second order for ticketing with tolerance, since I could buy a ticket through a "private 24" at once, because there was a whole train car. The money came off, "Tickets ua" tickets bought right away. But to see it and print it I could not overnight. There was a suspicion that there was no ticket. The next day went by bus Uzhgorod - Squirrels where the employee "tickets ua" calls , sorry that the registration of the purchased ticket for some reason did not pass. And he asks me whether I still need a ticket to Odessa? I answer - yes. Asked if there will be any suggestions from me about the location of the place? And whether they need me to call the phone … I answer that the place in the middle of the carriage, and let it just buy it and send me that ticket. But I thought, there still is not the 13th place, for some reason not saying about it. I’m sending a ticket, I read 13. But for some reason I did not like this option in the middle of the carriage. Having arrived at the Squirrels, cancel this ticket for a ticket, and I will buy a "private 24" new ticket with a place 45.

In a month. May 24, 2018.
Train Uzhgorod - Odessa, 10 carriages, 45th place.
Women waited around the wagon. Have created a queue.
I asked: who is the last?
In response, I heard: do you have 10 wagons?
I answer: yes!
Women: we're waiting for you!

Women waited when a man came. Women waited for a man, he to go first to the carriage. Conductor, a young woman, did not let women into the wagon first. To be the first person to enter. I go to the carriage. Because I was the first man today, who came to the wagon number 10. Occupied place number 45. Posted by SMS to Volodya Fedortsov: "Volodya hello, sat down in a train to Odessa" That seminar in the camp "Young railroad driver", wich always? The answer is "Yes", the next SMS from him: "Come on, come on))". The correspondence for some reason seemed to me to be incomplete.

While traveling on a train, I thought I would be interested in drawing a master class at a seminar on wushu with master Mu Yuichun, which I was driving to Odessa. Perhaps conceptual art, whether lend art, or something new. I’m going through the Carpathians, Carpathians are a battery for a person. The Carpathian Phenomenon. The phenomenon of nature. Thinking about performing sms

I write sms to Natalia Volkova: “Hi!”) Driveed: Carpathians - Lviv - Podvolochisk - Volochysk - Ternopil - Khmelnytsky - Derazhnu - Zhmerinka - Vapnjarka - Kryzhopil - The Caves will now be)). In response, two empty squares. Perhaps this is something positive, but my phone bundle does not accept characters from non-letters from smartphones. I recalled that it is possible to continue SMS correspondence with Volodymyr Fedortsov, the head of the Odessa federation of wushu. Posted him sms:

"Hello" Traveling: Perechyn - Vel Berezny - Sambir - Carpathians - Lviv - Pidvolochysk - Volochysh - Ternopil - Khmelnytsky - Derazhny - Zhmerinka - Vapnjarka - Kryzhopil - Crypts - Kodima - Abamelekovo - Podilsky - after the Podilsk man closed the wagon door on the run. snap stop crane, eat, we are now going to Rozdilna -1)).

A woomen labor veteran gets two pensions from Ukraine and from Russia.

Already in Odesa on the road to number 18 which I was driving to the 12th station of the big Fountain received an SMS - an answer to my SMS, from Wolodia Fedortsov with a smiley. I guess he realized that I’m doing something …

06/01/2018. Train Odessa - Uzhhorod, car 10, place 45. In Ternopil people were waiting on the platform to drive the train, the train I drove to pass the transition.

Thinking about what will be performance in the Ukrainian language. Writing options: action, making, moving, ruling.



Petro Ryaska, performance in the long-term project "Cyclic Performance 360" gallery Detenpyla, Lviv, 2014.

In preparation for performance, the preparing has affected the solution to a performance. And it (preparation) become the most performance.




"Greeting to the life",

Petro Ryaska, performance, in the program Art Festival "March cats", park Gorkyj, Uzhgorod, March, 2013.



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