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Petro Ryaska, performance, object, plein air  in Skokie (Poland), organizer UAP, April 10, 2015

The theme of the plein air was: "Error"

In the plein air in Skokie for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, us called a very powerful call, which could not to attract attention. This was especially noticeable in the morning when you sleep. On the wall in the great hall were several fire bells. The project "Alarm" was used to install by the principle "what  on the picture is not good" or "see, look for a difference on the picture". Installed alarm from the car for a performance was one more bell on the same wall. Accustomed sound the bell rang for breakfast at 9.00 am. Performans "Alarm" was made as proposed error at 8.00 am, an hour sooner. A performance lasted about 7 minutes in the active steps alarm bell. During the whole time abandoned in the plein air in Skokie he was in his place, where no one noticed but all it heard. On the last day on plein-air performance and the object Alarm were presented during the discussion on the plein air about time that had not been joking on it. And in a certain minute of debate, videos of performance was projected without ads and no sound heard in performances on the wall nearby, at the time when on the video was turned Alarm, than I was included in the room the Alarm about minute...


"Look on the wall"

Petro Ryaska, video-performance self-portrait "Look on the wall", Poznan, DS1, room 222, June 2015.

Video performance self-portrait "Look on the wall". Happy incident occurred soon I came to Poznan. It was a surprise, the room at number 222. On the second floor, at the end of a very long corridor. It seems nothing special, but the surprise was the landscape from the window, a distance of three meters from the window was a wall, the only room in the whole floor with the view, in all other rooms was simple landscape. The first month was unusual when day, when night. But then used, waking up the first thing what i saw was the wall, during the day if I was working in the room, landscape also was wall, before bedtime again was the wall. During the work, the wall was inspire to ideas. The wall became the module for the majority of ideas on which I worked for 6 months in Poznan on scholarships Gaude Polonia.





"Ukraine has gas or I thirteen passed",

Petro Ryaska,

video - performance created for the project Joke in the open air - symposium “Communication” in the village Yakivske, Svaliava g., Transcarpathian region., 09.14.2015. In the project is used poetry by Taras Shevchenko (I thirteen passed).

I was thirteenth passed.
I pass the lambs behind the village.
Is it so the little girl sowed
How was it to me?
I'm so good
Already called for a share
And I'm in weed
...I do not know,
What a little to me
What a lot of fun it was.
Lamb seemed to have fun!
And the sun was warm, not hell!
... the sky is pale
And ... girl
At the very road
Not far from me
Ploshbon chose
Yes, I heard ...
Came, congratulated
Rubbed ... kissed ...
Like the sun sowed
It's like everything in the world has become
My ... lawns, groves, gardens! ...


"Candidate for the President of Poland", Petro Ryaska, performance, actual joke, campaign promotion postcards, Czek Point project, curator Martha Bosovska, Freedom Sq., Poznan, Poland, May 10, 16.00 - 17.30, 2015 (During Speech, the camera was turned on and off by Olexander Didyk). Realized during the Gaude Polonium Scholarship.

The action was held during the election silence of the presidential elections in the Republic of Poland.

The project is currently open, exhibited in yutub and acts as a virus. Presented in television news TVP 1. Installation of video Taras Pastushchak.

The promise of a presidential candidate:

Good day good citizens of Poland!!!
I am your "Unique and Unconditional candidate to President"!
I will begin to explain my election program "Golden Mountains" with the following promises!:

  1. In this area of ​​Freedom, I promise to everyone freedom and amnesty to all political prisoners and just prisoners!
  2. I promise the freedom and independence of all sex to the minorities and all citizens!
  3. Artists, I like artists, they will all be paid a scholarship in the amount of double the salary!
  4. Students promise total outgoing and endless weekend, scholarship, unlimited!
  5. Pensioners, I promise to increase the length of life up to 100 years old and up!
  6. I promise simplification of taxes for small and medium-sized businesses with tax cuts to zero! And for the big business and the oligarchs the bonus is equal to your profits, I love you!
  7. Unemployed I promise a social payment in the amount of the maximum wage and unlimited access to the porn site!
  8. I promise to make Warsaw the capital of the European Union, and the Polish language as the official international language!
  9. I promise to be the last president in the practice of managing a country's president!
  10. In the future, I promise to abolish the practice of presidential elections in our country!
  11. I promise to be faithful to you by the end and after my death to introduce the "Electronic Governance" country.
  12. I am on the list of presidential candidates at number 12. Always your "Unique and Unconditional Candidate to the Presidet"!

Thank you dear fellow countrymens! Love you!


"Picking in the nose",

Petro Ryaska, performance, object newspaper political advertising, public place, performance school, Dzyga, September, Lviv, 2013


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