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  The theme of historical trauma  


Nyuchar (Sniffer)

Petro Riaska, performance, in the project "Ukrainian slice", Organizer gallery Dzyga, Wroclaw, Poland, 14 April 2016




The slogan fell

Petro Ryaska, performance, as part of the Biennale of Contemporary Art Bread, video documentation by Anastasia Didenko, Chlibzawod, Kyiv, December 18, 2019.





Petro Ryaska, performance, sun, mirror, peak of the flag, near the prison №2 on the street. Zamarstynivska, Lviv, as part of the Race project, May 2, 2019.

Photos: 1,2 - Myro Klochko; 3 - Leann Herlihy; 4 - Ola Kozioł.


"Balta" (Ax)

Petro Ryaska, performance in the group exhibition "Unrest", curators: Janusz Baldyga and Marta Bosovska, UP Gallery, Berlin, March 20, 2015. (realized during the Gouda Polonia scholarship in Poland)

  Video documentation    

There’s no way to beat it into his thick head
Literal translation from Ukrainian: He’s so good, that you can hew a pale on his head

Petro Ryaska. Performance. The School of Kyiv - Kyiv Biennial 2015. Curators: Hedwig Saxenhuber and Georg Schöllhammer 

The stone was brought from the Ukrainian-Slovak-Polish border from the Stuzhytsa, Zakarpattia region.

  Video documentation by Yuliya Kunshikova    
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