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укр Smetana (Sour cream)  

Producty Gallery, Lviv. Curators: Petro Ryaska, Petro Smetana. March 12, 2019,

Petro Smetana:
Petro Smetana as a subject of art.
Art objects, canvases, everything in the space of Petro Smetana's studio.
Sculpture "Sour Cream" - author Miroslav Dedyshshyn. Painting a self-portrait of Smetana.
Producty Gallery.
Store Products and time in 100 years during which the store existed.
Unknown history of the store Products space.

Petro Ryaska:
"Smetana" canvas,
art book sam-izdat, poetry "Smetana" (Sour Cream)
video-performance "Mouse in sour cream",
audio "Прооодууук ти прооодуууук ти прооодуууук ти…",

Petro Ryaska, Petro Smetana:
video "Smetana president",
video Exhale



  "Exhalation", video performance, Petro Ryaska and Petro Smetana.
Exercise against stuttering from master Mu Yuchun.
In the workshop of Peter Smetana.
Video and video editing Petro Ryaska.
Music by Bedrich Smetana "Vltva from the cycle" My Motherland ".
Lviv, June 2018.
Created for the exhibition "Smetana" of the gallery Products
  "Smetana President", performed by Petro Smetana in his workshop, Lviv, June 2018.
Video by Petro Ryaska
Created for the exhibition "Smetana", for the gallery Producty
  "Mouse in sour cream", Petro Ryaska, video performance, 2019, Bilky village. Created for the exhibition "Smetana" for the gallery Producty.  
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