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укр Call Mom.
Me, Mom and Bilky

Uzhhorod Gallery, Uzhhorod. Project idea and architecture of the group exhibition: Petro Ryaska. August 6 - September 25, 2020.

Participants: Petro Ryaska, Maria Ryaska, Kateryna Izai, Daryna Ryaska, Yaroslav Futymskyi.

Call mom.
Embroidery by Maria Antonivna Ryaska.
Home-woven embroidered tablecloth by Kateryna Izai (mother's mother).
Embroidery by Daryna Ryaska.
Installation. Object.
Visual poetry, self-published "Puppet Sweat" is dedicated to women and the canvas "Artery. Living Blood. Woman" (Petro Ryaska).
"Parents" photo 9x13cm by Yaroslav Futimsky.
A series of my paintings of canvases.
Several photos from the series of my portrait measuring 9x13 cm by Yaroslav Futymskyi.
My portrait by Darina Ryaska.
Video "Spoon. I'm in a spoon" - "Petro Ryaska and a Spoon and Mom"
A series of paintings about Bilky.
Visual poetry, self-published "Historical landscape of Transcarpathia"

A visual story of identity through embroidery, culture and place. Dialogue with folk art. About the connection with the mother and place of birth.
In particular, the exhibition shows bedspreads and carpets, and embroidery that were woven and embroidered at one time by my mother Maria Ryaska in 1967-82, grandmother Kateryna Izai (mother's mother) in 1932, and niece Darina Ryaska in 2019.
"Call Mom" is my dialogue with the message "Call Mom" by an unknown author, which I once read in 2015 on the sidewalk of the St. Roch Bridge (across the Warta River) in Poznan. The Uzhhorod Gallery will have a city landline from which every visitor to the exhibition will be able to call their mother if she lives in Uzhhorod. And visitors whose mothers live outside Uzhhorod are invited to call them from their mobile phones.
It should be noted that this exhibition is on the occasion of the anniversary on which once every 5 years each member of the TO NUAU has a free opportunity to hold their personal exhibition in the gallery "Uzhgorod".
I thank my mother and father, grandmother, niece Darynka, Yaroslav Futimsky for donating their works, family, brothers Yuri with Lyubka, Pavel and friends who support me. TO NUAU for the opportunity to hold an exhibition in the gallery "Uzhgorod"



  The exhibition featured a video performance of "Spoon. I'm in a spoon. Petro Ryaska and a spoon and mom." The work was created at the invitation of Eva Zazytska for the RE-ANIMACJE project, Gallery XX1, Warsaw, Poland.    
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