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Action and Critical Art

Although actions and art are critically present in other themes of action. However, perhaps these actions are more united here as a general counter-opinion.


"I am Irshawa`s pots" action, Uzhgorod (the area of 9 sculptures), December 4, 2018.
To my question, "Is this within Brody Art?" He received a reply in the form of a "friendly letter" in which he replaced "you" with "I".
Text in action:
Thank you for understanding. I think it was a very constructive conversation and thank you again for hanging up. I am an Irshava poet who never thought in terms of art, its strategy and tactics. Only my personal interests. All is well. Where did I come from in general, will I tell you to tell about cool Poland or Odessa? stupid jerk, caught God by the heel and trying to assert his failure? I used to thank me for guiding you in this world, and now I'm going to hang up, hysterical? You orientated, I orientated, and now you will hang up to me, hysterical? I made you a constructive and potentially advantageous proposal, and I behaved like a wedding whore - such is the price for you from now on in my eyes. And I never thank me and "O" for the support, because I'm a complete bitch, okay ?. I'm dead for me now, and I'll meet with "n" artists in the underground space without my participation, regardless of my weak ambitions, okay? You are not allowed to take responsibility, I am not allowed to take responsibility for anything, because I suck and shit. Be healthy!






I’m maybe like a naive artist
Action in a public place on camera. Corrected poetry.
Lvivska Square, Kyiv, July 9-10, 2019

After the event "I am a woman. We are women ”, which was initiated by curator Julia Kurmangalina at the Bursa Gallery in Kyiv in the spring of 2019, I received a reaction from other people on the social network and an e-mail from a collector.
This is a story of dialogue in the Ukrainian artistic environment, about human and artistic values. Which raises the question of who can create art, who can or has the right to call themselves a woman, what art is recommended by the market to create and show it, and so on.
The performance "I am like a naive artist" is a portrait of me and my experience through the eyes of other people in my performance, as a free artistic action.
The phrases in the act are selective interesting cream of dirt that sounded in my address. They are not fully legible in the text in the grammatical sense, as the original is written in Russian and Ukrainian. But this is a kind of poetry that I read singing in action on camera in the social space against the background of the main building of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, of which I am a member.






"Candidate for the President of Poland", Petro Ryaska, performance, actual joke, campaign promotion postcards, Czek Point project, curator Martha Bosovska, Freedom Sq., Poznan, Poland, May 10, 16.00 - 17.30, 2015 (During Speech, the camera was turned on and off by Olexander Didyk). Realized during the Gaude Polonium Scholarship.

The action was held during the election silence of the presidential elections in the Republic of Poland.

The project is currently open, exhibited in yutub and acts as a virus. Presented in television news TVP 1. Installation of video Taras Pastushchak.

The promise of a presidential candidate:

Good day good citizens of Poland!!!
I am your "Unique and Unconditional candidate to President"!
I will begin to explain my election program "Golden Mountains" with the following promises!:

  1. In this area of ​​Freedom, I promise to everyone freedom and amnesty to all political prisoners and just prisoners!
  2. I promise the freedom and independence of all sex to the minorities and all citizens!
  3. Artists, I like artists, they will all be paid a scholarship in the amount of double the salary!
  4. Students promise total outgoing and endless weekend, scholarship, unlimited!
  5. Pensioners, I promise to increase the length of life up to 100 years old and up!
  6. I promise simplification of taxes for small and medium-sized businesses with tax cuts to zero! And for the big business and the oligarchs the bonus is equal to your profits, I love you!
  7. Unemployed I promise a social payment in the amount of the maximum wage and unlimited access to the porn site!
  8. I promise to make Warsaw the capital of the European Union, and the Polish language as the official international language!
  9. I promise to be the last president in the practice of managing a country's president!
  10. In the future, I promise to abolish the practice of presidential elections in our country!
  11. I promise to be faithful to you by the end and after my death to introduce the "Electronic Governance" country.
  12. I am on the list of presidential candidates at number 12. Always your "Unique and Unconditional Candidate to the Presidet"!

Thank you dear fellow countrymens! Love you!





"Picking in the nose"

Petro Ryaska, performance, object newspaper political advertising, public place, performance school, Dzyga, September, Lviv, 2013







"Ukraine has gas or I thirteen passed",

Petro Ryaska,

video - performance created for the project Joke in the open air - symposium “Communication” in the village Yakivske, Svaliava g., Transcarpathian region., 09.14.2015. In the project is used poetry by Taras Shevchenko (I thirteen passed).

I was thirteenth passed.
I pass the lambs behind the village.
Is it so the little girl sowed
How was it to me?
I'm so good
Already called for a share
And I'm in weed
...I do not know,
What a little to me
What a lot of fun it was.
Lamb seemed to have fun!
And the sun was warm, not hell!
... the sky is pale
And ... girl
At the very road
Not far from me
Ploshbon chose
Yes, I heard ...
Came, congratulated
Rubbed ... kissed ...
Like the sun sowed
It's like everything in the world has become
My ... lawns, groves, gardens! ...










Petro Ryaska, Performance in the  project "World without Fur" (against killing animals for fur)

Many meaningful performance in the global campaign "World without Fur" was realized on the main street Khreschatyk of the capital of Ukraine. The struggle of opposites man’s inner world manifest the truth in a way not possible in both parties, respect.

Public place, Khreshchatyk str., in front of Fur shop, Kyiv, November, 2014




Curator of events "Exhibition at the gallery door" Stanislav Turina. 11.00 - 13.00, 25.11.2017, Green Bazaar, Mukachevo

Participants: Stanislav Turina, Lyubomyr Tymkiv, Petro Ryaska (Mariya Ryaska, Daryna Ryaska)

Action on the Madyarsky Green Bazaar Cage, in Mukachevo, in the project "Exhibition under the gallery door" on the closure of the Mukachevo City Art Gallery.

tags: Mukachevo Actionizm

photo: Kateryna Libkind




Action "Cinema Uzhhorod Save",

Petro Ryaska, 13.00-14.00, June 1, 2017, Uzhgorod, Augustina Voloshina str.

The action was realized during the exhibition-flash-mob "Save Uzhhorod", the organizer of the exhibition "Art Center" Kublo ".

photo: Stanislav Turina


Plein air on the periphery / Kovner Palace

Video, Petro Ryaska, St. Peter's Gallery, at the invitation of Stas Turina, Mukachevo, January 27, 2020.

The work was created as part of the "Plein Air on the Periphery" event on the initiative of St. Peter's Gallery, at the invitation of Stas Turina. St. Peter's Gallery is conditionally located in the Kovner Palace in Mukachevo.
On the walls of the Kovner Palace at one time hung paintings by Van Gogh, Sisley, Cezanne and others. It was once a rich estate inhabited in particular by connoisseurs of high art. Subsequently, the palace performed various functions, namely prisons, ghettos, military units and more. As you can see now the palace is in a deplorable condition.

However, I was invited to come and create art there. On the spot, my reaction was the opposite, I could not create art there without removing garbage from the house. The question arose whether it was possible to be indifferent to the situation with the palace and to do art at the same time.

"Cultural vandalism",

Petro Ryaska, Ewa Zazhytska, Marta Bosowska...,

Action, Happening, city space, Katowice, Poland, May 15, 2015.


"Venice Biennale 2015 I (am) not take part in", Petro Ryaska, performance, T-shirt-object-text, May 31 - June 8, Venice, Italy.

Conceptual project, which is not a manifesto. The main idea is the phrase which denies participation in the Venice Biennale and at the same time, the this phrase denies taking part in the Venice Biennale 2015. In this way I took part in the Biennale. The project lasted for 9 days during which the shirt was wearing on me.


"Artist mast be happy" Petro Ryaska, performance in the project "KrossArt" curator Yaryna Shumska, gallery Pryimus, Lviv, July, 2014. (Photo Maria Hoyin)

In the project "KrossArt" the participants had a goal in their performances show three periods of time: past, present and future.

In my performance I started from the past which gave clap hands, clap hands usually end all speeches to the people. Future I shown through the phrase which has to be an artist. Present needs no interpretation.


Action "A stick, or list of participants",

Petro Ryaska,

The project "Barning Book Day", curator Marcel Onisco.

Place of implementation: Pavlo Kovach Workshop / Pavlo Bedzir Museum. 28.12.2016.

In the project "Barning Book Day", whose curator was the Uzhgorods artist Marcel Onysco, the idea was to create the book's waxwork, any one. Personally, I was inspired to solve this task by the chopsticks on the sticks or pillars that people used in different periods of history (perhaps now it is practicing) as a means of storing information. This rod with knots is a simple informative object, a short - list of participants, that is, this short - list covered only the number of participants, it is 29 at the time of the opening of the exhibition. The participant brought the picture-book, after which I made a knife with a knife on a stick.

The book burnout project was in particular provoked through the curator's vocabulary messenger, and the video of the burning fire projected during the opening on the wall to burn the book of a dummy. For my part, I doubt this additional project idea. So going to the show myself, I thought, what else can I do with this stick? And besides how to strike it with the curator did not come to mind. I hit him. For what I beg your pardon.

photo: Danylo Kovach

video: Yaroslav Futymskyj


"Table or not war" Petro Ryaska, video- performance, action, installation, in project 89 days in winter, 45 day, curator Anton Varga, Lviv, st. Dzherelna 27, 2013.

Action to the project IO probability of 89 days of winter is realized with the help of friends artists. The project was created in confrontation to the activity of the Russian art group "War".


"Horned action on four sides of the world"

Petro Ryaska, found object, action on mountain valley Kuylytsya (Hylytsya), Transcarpathia. Created during residence program “Cow plow” in the village Bukivtsovo, May 19, 2017.


photo: Petro Ryaska, Adriana Kuruts



Petro Ryaska, performance, school performance with theme "Limit", September, 2014

History started long ago as a child somewhere in the third grade ran away from home, with a friend roamed the outskirts of the village, did any children harm… At the end of the day we hid in kindergarten and went in hard (go defecate) on the table of the pavilion, it was probably a performance … Of course us then ordered and we have fond memories…

This summer (2014) we were with friends after Artfestyval in Lumshory, resting on the river Uzh in Uzhgorod. We had there a dialogue in which arose issues who of our artists in the Performance can go to the toilet on the wings. Volodko Topiy says that Yaryna Shumska will make such performance …

At school performances, which this year’s theme of the Week of Contemporary Art was ‘Mental War’, I again raised this question and invited to participate in performances wishing in any way to the toilet and remove the video or in some other way documentation, for further implementation performances. Until performances joined three people: me, a friend of mine and Artist from Israel Tamara Rabann who knew nothing about my proposal and during here Performance in Contemporary Art Weeks she went by light (go shit). Tamara replied to my question and I had the joy. With her permission, I have included a fragment of a performance to my project.

Further implementation of a performance held by video installation documentation between the doors of toilets during school performances.

In the performances offered to cross the limit line “permitted” in society. The project raises the question of moral and social.


"An artist can offend everyone"
Ukraine, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, acquires new capitalist outlines. The magic of capital affects us all, from it we are dependent, there may be exceptions, of course. She was always present in the history of mankind.

The small, but with the history city Uzhhorod, and in general, the Transcarpathian region is no exception. Where takes a significant place the history of arts of Transcarpathia.. The situation in art is stated by the phenomenon of a strong Transcarpathian school. Answers to what’s still happening so far. Though to my subjective opinion this school is us artists who continue the traditions, and we base new on the ground local.

With the beginning of the XXI century the artistic environment of the city of Uzhgorod and the region is expanding. If in the time of the Soviet dominant was the All-Union National Union of Artists, today it shares the artistic platform with young private, official and non-official art institutions, as well as throughout Ukraine.

There is freedom of choice of a person. People themselves find themselves, and decide what they are investing in their lives. We are the ones that invest our time.

In a private situation, I artistically position myself as an artist and an alternative independent curator, where the word “curator” fought for a long time. I believe that the artist must be happy.

This is a long text to write one sentence and not to offend anyone.

I would be very happy if the site administrator Broward Art (https://brovdi.art/) will delete my portfolio (photo works of painting, video performances, biography, bibliography, etc.) completely from my site, which is published without my permission.

So, as the concept of Browdy Art site is the development of Transcarpathian Art, I hope for understanding. I can not be there in my world-view nature of the artist. “An artist can offend everyone.” These are different practices of Uzhgorod. Why should the place in the artistic environment of the region be?

Thank you,


Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Petro Ryaska.

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