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"Presentation of friendship, uncertainty and carelessness"

Petrщ Ryaska, performance in the project "Me, Bozek and President"(Me, God and President). My friend Grzegorz Bozek was invited to participate in the exhibition. July 16-21, 20.00, Gallery Łęctwo, Lukashevicha 1, Poznan, Poland, 2015. Realized during the Gaude Polonium Scholarship

1. Video performance self-portrait "Look on the wall." Happy incident occurred soon I came to Poznan. It was a surprise, the room at number 222. On the second floor, at the end of a very long corridor. It seems nothing special, but the surprise was the landscape from the window, a distance of three meters from the window was a wall, the only room in the whole floor with the view, in all other rooms was simple landscape. The first month was unusual when day, when night. But then used, waking up the first thing what i saw was the wall, during the day if I was working in the room, landscape also was wall, before bedtime again was the wall. During the work, the wall was inspire to ideas. The wall became the module for the majority of ideas on which I worked for 6 months in Poznan on scholarships Gaude Polonia 

I came to the conclusion that wall I associate with “the unknown”, perhaps unknown future or past. According plane walls gives unknown, according to the abstract. How to create a situation unknown future? How to this situation or place to bring people? Unknown future or future options? How to do that was unknown future, not the future options? Perhaps when the future has not yet come and present, still not over? Maybe when we have not received confirmation that there are already new situation in time? Condition when we stay in the present tense and do not know the future? However, there are nice if you do not know what will happen, is a surprise, wondering surprise. Probably my unknown future - is that I do not want to know in advance, I would not even think about it. Unknown future arises from my desire. That being light-hearted in the present.

2. During the presentation of friendship and suspense I show images slideshow documents of a performance which will now be implemented.
3. Present the slide show - a child’s toy with Picture show:
* Two snails
* The guy and girl flying on bird
4. I show all images of the slide during the performance.
5. I remember the situation when I was sitting in Vienna on the embankment of Dunaj, on the stairs, I had a couple of hours break from visiting museums and galleries, thought on the topic of “carelessness” And during this session I heard a strange sound, when I turned my head toward the sound I saw the ease with which air, rolling carelessly cans of beer from the stairs, Skokie, Skokie and into the river and floated.


"What I dreamed in Berlin? Or bying on the moon",

Petro Ryaska, performance, festival 48 hours Neukoelln "Not Auf Nahme", UP gallery, Berlin, 27 May, 2015. foto by Marta Bosowska.

he objective of the festival was to create a situation of "art saves the world"

When I in the first time came to Berlin, then I was spent the night with friends in the gallery of Adam Nankervisa «Another Vacant Space» on the floor (mattress, and everything we needed, there was …). And there I had a dream, and it was ready to make performance. But when I woke up than I forgot to make a note of it and forgot for what about it was. Today a performance have a title "What I dreamed in Berlin? Or bying on the Moon".

During performances included a piece of audio recording, recorded on tape where spent time with friends in Berlin at the supermarket, on the street, kebabs … Along with the audio, but the video was later projected performances "Serenity” on the ceiling of the gallery. Finished performances to the music singer song Indily «Derniere danse». 


performance on the topic "Carelessness"

Petro Ryaska, in the project "Peripheral Practices", curator Grzegorz Bozek. Night of museums, organizer the Baltika Gallery of Contemporary Art. Center for Creative Activity, Ustka, Poland, May 14, 2016


"Artist mast be happy", Petro Ryaska, performance in the project "KrossArt" curator Yaryna Shumska, gallery Pryimus, Lviv, July, 2014. (Photo Maria Hoyin)

In the project "KrossArt" the participants had a goal in their performances show three periods of time: past, present and future.

In my performance I started from the past which gave clap hands, clap hands usually end all speeches to the people. Future I shown through the phrase which has to be an artist. Present needs no interpretation.



Group action,

participants: Petro Ryaska, Ani Zur, Nadiia Savchenko, Roksolana Ugryniuk.

The performance was implemented on the roof of the Lviv Palace of Arts in the 2016 in school performance program (September).

In this performance, our group did not reach the clear collective that we have to do. But we were conscious that we were a group. It was decided that the action will be on the roof of the Lviv Palace of Arts, and each of us will do something.

My participation did not move beyond my blocking of group work, on the way to something clear. I was dominated by the theme of carelessness. Maybe I was paused, I suggested drinking beer.


photo: Olga Krajevska


"Handy Helper",

Petro Ryaska, performance, Handy Helper, internet, voice of third parties (Google translator), project "STOP", July 7, 18.00, gallery Perfex, Poznan, 2015. Realized during the Gaude Polonium Scholarship


Performance "Something"

Petro Ryaska, "Kitch wall gallery", April 21, 2016, private apartment, Poznan, Poland.

P.S.: The "Something"

By month project "Kitchen wall gallery" I was asked curators for one day replace the name of the gallery on "Kitch wall gallery", which significantly changes the concept of the gallery.

The project proposal was an "open evening" to all who wish to come and do "something" without reporting.




performance "The Road",

Petro Ryaska, gallery “Tymutopiyapres”, Lviv, September 2, 2014

For the designing performances took into account the fact that the gallery "Tymutopiyapres" is operating garage, which is at home in her curator Lubomyr Tymkiv and during the presentation of performances there will be children present. In particular at the end of a performance has taken a gift, frog, toys which to the author in a gift brought from Beijing his friend Lo.






About carelessness

It was a pleasant sunny day and the route was not foreseeable by me in advance, we were moving spontaneously, but in the direction of feeling a certain bright space of serenity. Although previously I was in the area where we were moving, but there was a place in which I had not yet, and we went there, it turned out to be a famous park. We sat there in a friendly, carefree atmosphere, talking to each other about the different things without thinking about any global problems, or the everyday problems of life. And likewise without a pace they turned back. During the walk, we did not talk about the worries, everyone was left pleased with the walk.


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