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  The theme of labor migration  

"Czech Republic is a paradise for Transcarpathians"

Petro Ryaska, performance, Malamut Performance Festival Biennale, curated by Jerzy Suruwka, Ostavá, Czech Republic, September 27, 2019. Video documentation by Maria Goin. Video editing: Petro Ryaska

The theme "Czech Republic is a paradise for Transcarpathians" is a distinct poetic example provoked by the economic situation in the region and Ukraine. The human desire for paradise, finding it in more developed countries.
Since 1991, when the communist Iron Curtain fell, Ukraine has gained independence. Residents of Ukraine, and in particular the Transcarpathian region where I live, have started to go abroad en masse to earn money, and most of them go to the Czech Republic. I am no exception in the 90s I was twice in this country to work. But for some time in the early 2000s, I began to criticize my actions and the actions of others. Due to the fact that Ukraine is losing economic, cultural, social and more. Transcarpathians invest their time in the Czech Republic and other countries of the world, instead of developing their region and Ukraine through their work.
In the last few years, with the introduction of visa-free travel for Ukrainians to the Schengen area, it has become even more noticeable and tangible to me personally. Namely, emigration of families to the Czech Republic and abroad of my acquaintances, friends, relatives.
The story of my own touch provoked me to bring this message to the Czech Republic to Ostrava when I went to participate in the biennial of the Malamut performance festival.

Part of the theme is a performance created as part of the Malamut Performance Festival Biennale


Петро Ряска - Чехія рай для закарпатчиків Петро Ряска - Чехія рай для закарпатчиків
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