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укр Me, Bozhek and President  

Łęctwo Gallery, Poznań, Poland, curator Przemyslaw Sovinski. Participants: Petro Ryaska (idea of the exhibition), Grzegosz Bozek (invited participant). Exhibition as part of the Gaude Polonia Scholarship, July 16-21, 2015.

List of works shown at the exhibition:

1. Self-portrait of Peter Ryaska, video performance "Look at the wall". Inspired by the wall in my room. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKEyML_3ENA

2. Portrait of my friend Grzegosz Bozko. This canvas is 215x155 cm, acrylic.

The presentation of this large portrait is important. Once upon a time in Soviet times there was an all-Union exhibition in Moscow. And one Georgian artist showed at the exhibition a painting in which in the mountains, in the background was depicted a man of rather large stature, without diminished perspective. And he was asked: "why is the man in your picture so far in the background without perspective?" And he answers: "This is my friend."

3. The image of the presidential candidate. Critical art. This is a video of the performance "Candidate for President of Poland", which was made in the project "Check Point" (curator Marta Bosovska), Freedom Square, Poznan, May 10, 16.00, 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = OWL4Fx8hY10

The video has the next stage, an open project, as uploaded to YouTube as a "virus". Served as breaking news. Taras Pastuschuk helped to edit the video.

4. There is a participation in the project of my friend Grzegosz Bozek. Grzegosz presents his project "Lying Exclamation Mark", a mural on the wall opposite the president's video.

5. During the opening I perform "Unknown and carefree". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgwNWJXjFbU

Description for the performance "Presentation of Friendship", "About the Unknown and Carefree"

1. A lucky chance happened as soon as I arrived in Poznan. It was a surprise, room number 222. On the second floor, at the end of a very long corridor. It seemed like nothing special, but the landscape from the window was a surprise, at a distance of three meters from the window there was a wall, the only room on the whole floor with such a landscape, in all other rooms there was a normal landscape. The first month was unusual, when day, when night. But then I got used to waking up to the first thing I saw was the wall, during the day if I worked in the room, also the landscape was wall, before going to bed again the wall. In the process of work, the wall began to inspire ideas. The wall became the module for most of the ideas I worked with.

I came to the conclusion that the wall is associated in me with the "unknown", perhaps an unknown future or an unknown past. The plane of the wall gives thought to the unknown, thought to the abstract. How to create a situation of an unknown future? How to bring people to this situation or place? Unknown future or future of options? How to make the future unknown, not the future of options? Maybe when the future has not yet come and the present has not yet ended? Maybe when we did not receive confirmation that there is already a new situation in time? A state when we remain in the present and do not know the future? However, it is nice if you do not know what will happen, there is a surprise, interesting, surprise. Probably an unknown future for me is something I don't want to know in advance, I don't even want to think about it. The unknown future arises from my desire. That is, being in the present carefree.

2. During the presentation of friendship and the unknown wall, I show a slide of the documentation of the performance that I will now perform.

3. I present a slide show - a children's toy with slide images:

* Two snails
* The guy and the girl fly on a bird

4. I show by action all the images from the slide, during the performance.

5. I remember the situation when I was sitting in Vienna on the Danube embankment, on the stairs, had a couple of hours of rest from visiting museums and galleries, thinking about the theme of "carefree". And during this lesson I heard a strange sound, when I turned my head towards the sound I saw how airy the tin can of beer was rolling down the stairs, jumping, jumping into the river, and swam.



  Video performance self-portrait "Look at the wall", Poznan, DS1, room 222.  
  Video of the performance "Candidate for President of Poland", which was carried out in the project "Check Point" (curated by Marta Bosovska), as part of the Gaude Polonia Scholarship. Freedom Square, Poznan, May 10, 4 pm, 2015  
  Performance: "Presentation of Friendship", "About the Unknown and Carefree", Łęctwo Gallery, Poznan, Poland, as part of the Gaude Polonia Scholarship, July 16-21, 2015. Video documentation by Anatoliy Tatarenko.  
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