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    Petro Ryaska has been engaged of curatorial practice since 2013. Position himself as an artist and an alternative, and independent curator. From 2013 to 2016 he signed himself as a non-curator in artistic-organizational projects. From 2021 he signs himself again as a non-curator.

Non/Kuratorial practices:



Residence "Sorry, we have no rooms available".

A year-round residence of contemporary art for artists and curators... In one month (or another term), the residence accepts one person, who is provided free of charge, for a living and working single room. The resident is provided with materials, if necessary, and meals. The residence is located in the Hotel Zakarpattia, in Uzhhorod, in Ukraine. In turn, the resident realizes at least one new project relevant in Uzhgorod or in the Transcarpathian region. The project, which will be created here on the ground and will have a context and a relation more to the area of ​​Uzhgorod or Transcarpathia.

Residence is founded by Petro Ryaska in April 1, 2016, and functioning since that time. Actual now

Applications are submitted year-round in an arbitrary form. Attached to the application is a portfolio (pdf...), cv, a link to Internet archives is possible. The selection takes place on a competitive basis.

email: wybachtenomeriwnemaye@ukr.net



"Place at the hotel", an open project at the location of the hotel Zakarpattia, in Uzhgorod. Exists from January 2017. Actual now




2017 "Life after life" / 2018 "Life, love, fear, spirituality, death, resurrection". March 30, gallery Korydor, Parkhomenka st.7a, Uzhhorod. The exhibition united the ideas of 2017-2018, in the visual program of the 13th of March Cats.

curator: Petro Ryaska

Participants: Kinder Album, Nikita Kadan, Pavlo Kerestey, Yuriy Koval, Pavlo Kovach(m), Susanna Clausen, Natalia Pershina-Yakimanska, Alina Sokolova, Olena Subach, Szuper Gallery, Volodymyr Topiy, Lyubomir Timkiv, Stanislav Turin, Semen Khramtsov, Natasha Shevchenko.

2015-2018 - Black Period of the March Cats.

2017 "Life after life"

Last year (2016), implementing the March Cats could hear the question: are they the last Cats? Someone agreed, either denied or silent. The Draft Book presented to Cats in March 2016 provoked the festival to have a point. Did the festival use the opportunity? And did it have to must? One can assume such a variant of development, the festival in March, Cats ceased to exist, or died. This is an imaginary situation. Is there a curiosity about how Cats lives after life?    

2018 "Life, love, fear, spirituality, death, resurrection" . Visual art form in March Cats 2017 and 2018 currently become the term "disposable Biennale"? Just as in 2017 was partially break for organizers and spectators, the festival continues to be unclear on what energy each subsequent year. The idea of ​​the "Life after Life" project in 2017 can be said to have taken place at the spiritual stage. Or a new, temporary situation of last year's "spirituality" provokes the theme of "resurrection" and "reboot" in the year two thousand eighteen. Life, love, fear, spirituality, death, resurrection, how is it all to unite?

The visual aesthetics of Peter Brueghel's elder (Peasant) works and his life position may somehow bring together the complexity and versatility of the ideas of this year's Cats. P.: "Peter Brueghel elder (Peasant), who lived about 1525 -1569, was one of the founders of the Flemish and Dutch realistic art. In his work he sharply criticized the flaws of modern society, advocating the people's democratic ideal of justice..."






selfpublished (original works of art), circulation: 1 copy. format: 80x60cm, curators: Petro Ryaska, Ruslan Tremba, Art Festival of Love "March Cats", Gallery Korydor, Uzhgorod, March 25-27, 2016

The entire Festival March Cats was shown in this one book.

The Book Page is a separate piece and integral part of the composition, along with other pages of the art-book. Each sheet is the original object, visually informative presentation of the participant and his idea. Participants of the project are artists, poets, musicians and other representatives of the artistic industries (without age restrictions) with different ideologies and aesthetic values. Special thanks to each participant for the original works that they presented for the project and sent to Uzhgorod at their own expense. To make bookings, books and cliches were produced by Vladislav Gabda and Voto Art Cafe.


Petro Ryaska, Yevhen Samborsky, Danylo Movchan, Olga Kozyura, Viktor Melnychuk, Roman Pylyp, Lyudmyla Korzh - Radko, Vladyslav Gorbunov, Olena Subach, Stanislav Turina, Rina Khramtsova, Emma Tremba, Julianna Hegel, Mu Yujchun, Pavlo Kovach, Mariana Klochko, Ruslan Tremba, Kinder Album, Anetta Gumenyuk, Marcel Onysco, Oleksa Mann, Dmitro Omelchenko, Anastasia Haruta, Vlodkaufman, Vladyslava Bumbak, Andriy Stegura, Olexander Kozlov, Vasyl Savchenko, Nikita Wiska, WoodlogCK Group (Arutyunyan Karina, Kus Istvan) Volodymyr Pavlyshyn (Mok), Oleg Suslenko, Alexander Yarmola, Bella Logachova, Pavlo Bedzir, Grzegosz Bozek, Ivan Nebesnyk, Halyna Chorunzha, Mikhailo Khodanych, Yuliya Burya, Natasha Shevchenko, Vadim Kharabaruk, Attila Gazhlinsky, Olena Hassyd, Olexandr Kurmaz, Cherelle Sappleton, Leonid Trotsenko, Maria Goin, Alina Sokolova, Karolina Kubik , Danylo Kovach, Semen Khramtsov, Petro Smetana, Yuriy Koval, Vik Kovrey, Cornelia Kulbovska, Andrij Gretsky, Vyacheslav Polyakov, Lyubomyr Sikach, Mykola Romanovsky, Ada Molenda, Anastasia Zhyvkova, Anton Degtyariov, Anna Afanasyeva, Oleg Perkovsky, Marianna Tomin, Yaroslav Ilko, Karina Omelchenko, Volodymyr Topiy, Sergiy Radkevich, Victor Melnychuk, Vladislav Habda, Myroslava Kozar, Zoza, Zina 20.



"Cow plow"

The Residence Program "Cow plow" is not about luxury, wealth and not about the conditions. This is the most extreme condition of living from the very beginning. A more precise definition will be the "non-resident program" that raises and shows the helplessness of the situation totally in this part of the extinct mountain village of Zakarpattya.

The house is located in the highland of Transcarpathia in the village Bukivtsyovo, Velyky-Berezny district in the private house of the Man family and the Gumenyuk family in the village of Vilshynky. The program operates spring-summer-autumn, because in the winter months many snow falls and it is not possible to reach the Bukivtsiovo.

Private residence started functioning in July 2016.

Actual now




"BAK" residence. Co-founder. After the first official plenary in the house of Gumenyuk on October 25-30, 2017, patronage of which was the Man family, and the Gumenyuk family, at 22:00 BC, on October 29, 2017, the ACT was announced by the founding of the Art Residence "BAK" in their house, in the village Vlishynky, Perechyn district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine.

Actual now




The hybrid project of contemporary art combines the idea of a temporary one-time work and documentation. Place: Gallery Korydor, Uzhgorod, December 2015.

participants of project : Grzegorz Bożek, Gabriel Buletsa, Lina Dehtyariova, Esmarcha Group(Ivan Nebeshnyk, Ruslan Tremba, Igor Melnychuk, Oleg Suslenko, Mikhailo Khodanych), Kateryna Yermolayeva, Oleksa Mann, Ada Molenda, Marcel Onysco, Blazej Rusin, Petro Ryaska, Yevgeny Samborsky, Przemysław Sowinski, Agnieszka Szablikowska, Bogdan Tomaszewski, Łukasz Trusewicz, Stanislaw Turina, Volodymyr Khorunzhy, Halyna Horunzha, Zina20




In the project, the artists tried to use the artistic language for performances that they have not used before.

Raczej Gallery, Poznan, July 6, 2015



"Temporary exhibition"

It was held every three months in Uzhgorod from May 2013 to December 2014. Exhibitions were implemented in the Gallery Korydor, Uzhgorod.

Each participant was invited to submit for participation a temporary project, which can be presented once.



"Maramorosh gallery"

There is an open project for today. Which sends the viewer and the project participant to a long time past in the territory of the present Transcarpathia (Ukraine). "Maramoros Gallery" is not an existing physically gallery, the world is imaginary, exists as a spiritual space on the territory of the Carpathian region. To appear, to realize in the physical world the gallery can only on the territory of the Carpathian region. Realized simultaneously at the Art Festival "Kredents" and "BlackTsrlk 6", Skalka, August, Uzhgorod, 2014. 

Aktual now

Historical note: Maramaros (Ugar Máramaros, Maramoros, Maramureş) is a historic zoopa in the northeastern part of the former Hungarian kingdom. Currently, its territory is divided between the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine and the county of Maramures of Romania.




An open action started at the Korydor Gallery in March 2014. 

The proposed fixed exposure time is from 12 o'clock on the first day to 18 o'clock in the evening of the next day. The participant brought and implemented their project during the proposed fixed exposure time. Wishing that in his project, if this action, performance, etc. were present more visitors informed the coordinator and independently determined the time of the project. Also, the participant monitors himself, finds a place in the exhibition space (or out of space) for his project.

Many things happen by themselves, both in natural processes on Earth and in our lives. When a person does not interfere, they function naturally. The role of curator in the modern world of art is undoubtedly great and necessary. The project "Without a curator" does not deny the need for a curator in art, but rather aims to consider the artist's freedom. Artists in the project are free, can see how the relationship is curator-artist-viewer, curator-artist, artist-viewer, and whatever they want. Also, artists are free to choose their projects.

In the future (after the start in Uzhgorod), the realization of the project is any place, both in Ukraine and abroad. Participating in the project "Nocurator" can be artists, curators, galleries, art centers, museums, etc. The role of the curators in the project is to organize the provision of exhibition space for its gallery, the presentation of this project on its website, blog, coordination, etc. Project participants (artists, curators ...) independently decide organizational and cost issues.



"Art Plenar during the Wushu Workshop"

Venue: on the nature, Bukivtsevo, Vel. Bereznyansky district, Transcarpathian region, and in the city of Odessa.

Exists from 2013. Beginning in 2016 attempts have been made to combine the traditional wushu art with the image of the traditions of visual art. New aesthetics of contemporary art.

Appearance thought smoothly, dragging creates a feeling. After certain own findings in the waving of a wush, I react that it would be good to not forget this feeling, and remember it in the next training. But I hear the answer of Pavlo Fedorenko, a senior pupil of the master Mu Yuichun, that each new next time will be a new sensation. Search for a feeling all through far away.

A Pleiner for people who deal with wushu, and they want to combine wushu lessons with artistic visual creativity, and vice versa for artists who want to do wushu. Or who for the first time wants both those and that to begin to take up. We invite you




Exhibition in the format ArtFest March cats, Ilko Gallery, Uzhgorod, March, 2014.


BOBA group, Volodymyr Berynets, Gabriel Buletsa, Vladislav Habda, Atilla Gazhlinsky, Kateryna Yermolayeva, Ilko Slav, Beata Korn, Bella Logachova, Sergiy Melnichenko, Victor Melnychuk, Ivan Oleksyak, Marcel Onysco, Oleg Perkovsky, Alexiy Salmanov, Tetyana Smriga, Marian Stegura , Olexandera Stemberska, Natalia Tarnay, Lyubomir Tymkiv, Volodymyr Topiy, Ruslan Tremba, Bogdana Fedorovych, Borys Firtsak, Vadym Kharabaruk, Halyna Khorunzha, Stanislav Chokan, Yaryna Shumska


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